Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Scharner in Liverpool link

Paul Scharner's agent has revealed a transfer to Liverpool would be a 'dream move' amid reports he is due to discuss a possible free transfer to Merseyside.

New Reds boss Roy Hodgson is thought to be an admirer of the versatile 30-year-old, who left Wigan after his contract expired at the end of last season.Hodgson tried to sign the Austrian on three occasions when manager of Fulham, but failed in each attempt.It was also thought that the 62-year-old was trying to secure his signature at Craven Cottage before moving to Anfield at the start of July.Aston Villa and Sunderland are also rumoured to be interested in landing Scharner's signature, but Liverpool is believed to be his preferred destination.

Dream move

Scharner's agent Valentin Hobel confirmed Hodgson is a fan of the player and is waiting to see if Liverpool firm up any interest.

"Roy Hodgson and Paul Scharner - this is a special relationship," said Hobel.

"Hodgson thinks that Paul's strengths in midfield are better than his attributes in central defence.

"Liverpool would be a dream, of course, but we are in contact with several clubs. Because he is a free transfer, he can choose."

I don't fancy that we're looking into signing him. Yeah, we could get him for free. But I just don't see where he fits into the team. We don't need another average player.

Instead looking for back-ups. I would rather push the ranks among the youngster.
Build for the future!

Reds seal Jovanovic deal

Jovanovic agreed a pre-contract with Liverpool in February to join the club from Standard Liege when his contract expired this summer.

Reports had suggested Jovanovic could pull out of the deal following the departure of Rafa Benitez at Anfield after the Spaniard had set up the deal for the 29-year-old.

However, Jovanovic has moved to end the speculation that he might move elsewhere by signing a three-year deal at Liverpool to become Roy Hudgson's first new signing.

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Monday, 21 December 2009

New perspective

It’s been a very disappointing half-season this year in very long time. We came close last season and this year would be the year we thought could be the year. But it seems everything does not go as planned. There’s a lot of blaming being pointed here and no exception to me as well. Sometimes emotions took us beyond. The best thing is to find the best solution for our current situation.

The Formation.
Last season it proved it was the best formation we had in Rafa’s reign. It’s solid and entertaining having Alonso bossing from deeper role and with Gerrard assisting Torres. We were scoring for fun. But this season was a very diverse case. Its devastated losing Alonso and nothing much we can do about it. We’re sticking with the same system but with Lucas in replace. After half-season it proved how much the formation does not work with Lucas and Masch in the middle. Aquilani bought to replace Alonso and he requires more time to fit in the team. We need to change the system, either bring back Gerrard in the middle and put Yossi in the hole or get back to 4-4-2 until Aquilani is fit 100%. Rafa also should stop playing two defender on the left. At this point yes, when Riera and Babel is out injured. Although his been doing it most of the time regardless Riera or Babel is fit. And also we need to stop playing Yossi on the left. We all knew he can’t play there and it’s waste of space and position when Yossi playing on the left. We were playing more attacking football last season and now it seems like Rafa reverting back to his cautious and defensive approach.

Kuyt has been under fire from most of the fans here. The fact that people has been saying he’s not good enough with all the bad first touch and can’t control the ball, most of us tend to judge him when he’s starting the game or getting the ball in the pitch for instance. He’s a great footballer and his work rate, top-notch. I acknowledged that very much. But it’s an awkward choice to play him on the right. He’s neither Tevez nor Rooney. We knew Tevez has the bull-dog kind of approach as well. Same goes to Rooney most of the cases. They run and run to get the ball. But what I’m saying is, both of them have a very good ball control compared to Kuyt. They can beat players, have better crossing ability and good at the dead-ball as well. Not that I’m saying Tevez plays a lot on the flanks. But if Kuyt in the similar quality of them, then he shouldn’t have any problems playing on the flanks. We’ve seen Rooney always get played out position and most of the time he did a very good job. If Kuyt were to start, he should be playing in center forward.

Another thing about Kuyt is he started most of the games regardless of any form or contribution he had in the previous game. If you want to gain respect from your player (not that I’m saying Rafa doesn’t get any respect from players) you can’t be biased to certain player that you like individually. I like Kuyt, but I just think he needs to be dropped when he’s not playing well, or if he starts then play him in the center. Kuyt never was in the same mould as Gerrard and Torres. We knew for a fact that these to player can create something out of nowhere. If Kuyt were to be that kind of player, then I would have a very different judgment. It’s frustrated for players like Yossi or N’gog when they knew they played well, they’re not starting in the next game. We’ve seen couples of time the frustration when Yossi get substituted in the second half.

When we got him, I’m one of the people who get all exited about him. I’ve seen him in Gremio and he was a very bright prospect attacking and box to box kind of midfielder. At some point, different styles of play from different leagues do come into effects. He can’t get it going here in the league. He’s been converted more into holding midfielder. He’s been improved a lot now, no doubt about it. But he needs time to develop more. And it’s been a big burden for him when people compared him with Alonso. I would have him in the squad, but as for now not as a starter. We simply don’t need him when we have Masch as a holding midfielder. It’s either Gerrard or Aquilani should be starting in the middle.

Hope and Faith
The faith is running thin day by day. I personally have lost faith in Rafa. We’re slowly being pulling down and it’s sad and frustrating. We need a change and solution to all this. But football is full of surprises and anything can happen within it. Rafa will be given time until the end of season. I’ve no doubt about that. The only thing we can do is to get back and support our team, manager and players and hope for the best.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Liverpool 1 - Fiorentina 2

Rafa Benitez is confident Liverpool can produce a stylish performance against Fiorentina to end their participation in this season's Champions League on a high.

The Reds boss admits he is disappointed at his side's exit from the tournament - but insists his charges are determined to collect three points in front of the Kop and sign off from the competition in the best possible fashion.

We came into the match with nothing to lose. Alberto Aquilani finally get his long awaited starts. It's to early to judge him when he's been out for quite a while. He needs more game to blend in and get his confidence running up. But it was a promising start for him. 3 good points that i would say.

- Aquaman finally started his 1st game.
- Torres is fit again.
- Finally i get to see Pacheco.

It was a very promising debut for Pacheco, I say lets give him more game time. He's one for the future. Lets hope that Benitez won't sell him and denying him more game time. We all know Rafa prefer players with high work rate, players who keep things easy, who plays a simple past. Just the likes of Kuyt and Lucas. But i could say that it wont happen much for Pacheco for this season, most probably will see him next in July's pre-season. I do hope i'm wrong with that.

I just don't know why, we are the same team last season minus Alonso - plus Johnson, and we came very close winning the league but yet far away comes this season. We can't seems to buy the winning again. And every time when i watch the game, my hopes always high but i believed at some point in the game we're not gonna win it. It's either draw or lose. We are having all the bad lucks, with the injuries, conceding at the last 10 minutes, players low in confidence, and we seems much more easier these days losing at Anfield particularly in the CL. It's been a disappointing months, seasons, performance for players and the fans.

We could only hope for the best, and Rafa could turn the seasons around and player could do their jobs and fans continuing supporting.

I've been reading a lot on the LFC forums. Obviously there will always be the unhappy and disappointed fans asking for Rafa's head. I for one did believe that Rafa is the one to take us to the long awaited 19th. He started his 1st season winning the CL. And i was ecstatic as hell. But it's been 5 years, we came close last season, but it's not gonna happen AGAIN this time, and we were going forward until last season. It's heartbreaking knowing that we have to wait again and seeing the depth in the squads and the way the players been performing that again and again we need to rebuild again.

As much as some of the fans want Rafa out, it's not gonna happen anytime soon. We need to see where we finished comes to the end. If we failed to qualify for CL not winning Europa league and not winning FA cup, I personally think that we should sacked Rafa. At this point i stand that Rafa it's not the man that's gonna lead us to the 19th. We need a new breath. But i do hope he proved me wrong.

As a fan we could only hope, have faith and keep on supporting.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Benitez has lost the plot

Master Benitez!!

Another frustrating week. After a poor display on the derby (which Everton deserved something out of it) yet another poor performance yesterday. Last season we were having troubles beating the lesser opposition and we were picking to many draws. This seasons we managed to avoid draw and the beginning but it seems like we're trying to equal the wins losses and draws.

I just think that Benitez has lost the plot. His stubbornness of being to defensive and keeping Lucas in the starting line-up and never ever dropping Kuyt is something that i can't understand! Yes! Lucas might be playing OK! Just OK for me nothing more. BUT we don't fucking need him!! If Benitez have reasons whatsoever for not playing Aquaman, Just drop Lucas! Get your fucking captain back in the middle! He's been the midfield general for years in the Liverpool shirts, and everybody knows he can play well there and no doubt about that! Get Gerrard in the middle with Mascherano then play two upfront. There's Kuyt and Ngog to play there and why not put Pacheco on. I've been waiting way to long to see Pacheco in the first team after a lot of positive reaction from the fans seasons before. At least give him some play time. I just don't understand why do we need two holding
midfielder. Never mind if they were playing OK or not, but as far as I see it, out of 12 games we won only 2 fucking games! Something must be wrong then isn't it?

They were clearly no sparks and creativity from the middle, Masch has been trying hard to get passes going. But we all know he's just not that kind of player. That's fucking why we badly needs Aquilani to play. Yes! I understand the lad just got back from injury, and what's annoyed me the most seeing interviews from Benitez reaction with is ever OK words and saying Aquaman is not match fit, and the games were intense and so on! Every fucking games is intense! If u too afraid to play him if he get injured again.. why bought him in the first place? If he's to injury prone what's the point of buying him? You don't pay 20m and just put him in the bench!! Though Benitez did that with Keane. If Aquaman need match fitness, play him in the reserve games. Is it that to hard to let him play? If Benitez claims the reserve games too intense as well, are you fucking kidding me? and do what then? Let him play in the under 18 match?

Well Aquaman situation does not bother me that much. It gets me frustrated, but i just take it he's just back from serious injury, fair to that. What i can't understand is playing that two holding midfielder. I say get Gerrard back in the middle and play two upfront! But if Benitez too fucking stubborn with his egos, then let Ngog alone in the front and play Benayoun behind Ngog! Simple as that! and Benitez can play his lover Kuyt on the right still!!!

I'm to disappointed because it's way beyond our standard to be playing in this manner. "Benitez in you we trust" is the fucking phrase that annoys me the most at the moment!


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Blackburn VS Liverpool

Liverpool kick off their busy December schedule with a trip to Blackburn Rovers on Saturday.

Following last weekend's Merseyside derby success over Everton, the Reds are currently on a five match unbeaten run and will be aiming to continue their fine record at Ewood Park, where they have lost just once since 1996.

In fact, Liverpool have been defeated in only one of their last 21 league meetings with the Lancashire club.

Rafa Benitez's charges recorded a league double over Blackburn last term, and on the corresponding weekend of 2008-09, won 3-1 at Rovers thanks to second half goals from Xabi Alonso, Yossi Benayoun and Steven Gerrard.



For almost two years, finally managed to get back in here.. I hope i'll make a comeback here just as i hoped that my beloved Gerrard and Torres and Co. will make a comeback in title race. Very ambitious but lets hope for the best.

It's been a disappointing year for the reds, the never ending injury dilemma, out of the champions league, out of the league cup, and i would say almost out of the tittle race. But lets keep forward and win the the Europa League and maybe the FA Cup as well.

It's the worse start for Liverpool in the league. Alonso departure might be the main reason we are struggling. We had almost the same team last season minus Alonso and yet we're different all together. We can't get the momentum flowing and we're way low in confidence. Benitez has to sort it out fast. I know he'll be here still, and i can't see him out of the job. But something must be done. Our main priority is to get in the top 4. It's gonna be hard, but we'll make it.

Lets make tonight another match that'll make our winning streak flowing. go reds!. YNWA!
I'll keep posting and it's good to be back!

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